Joseph Isaacs
author, musician, and organizer of
the Music Matters Showcase
Four different acts take turns playing 4 song sets each and
then going back around.  Its an eclectic mix of music, all of
it wonderful.  Showcases are free,but donations to Bread for
the City for the Home are accepted.
Where/when/who is playing the Music
Matters Showcase besides Joseph Isaacs?

Mad City Coffee House, 10801 Hickory Rd Columbia MD Saturday  6:30-9:
(look for the Long and Fosters Sign)

May 3rd Karter Jaymes, Jarad and George McGlaughlin, Rick Millman

May 17th Dominic LaRocca, Ronald Mariano’s Jimi Hendrix tribute
band, Kathy Stanley

June 21st Lisa & Paul Fenstermacher, Rick LaRocca, Brown-smith

July 19th Carlos Cysneiros, Laurence Baer, DL Weiner

Aug 16th Daniel Gage, Bob Brill, TBA

Aug 30th Dejon, Scott Sivakoff,  Paul Loether’s Silver Strings

Directions to all gigs and links to bands playing  are at the  bottom of
this pag
These gigs are all free - donations to Bread for the City for the
Homeless are graciously accepted

*each performer plays 2 4 song sets of songs, concerts end times are
approximate might be a bit earlier or later
Email me at:
Mad City Coffee House
10801 Hickory Ridge Road
Columbia MD 21044
Look for the Long & Fosters- its tucked in a plaza and hard to
see from the road.  Its across from HCC.

From 95 (between Baltimore and DC) take route 32 West and
then take Broken Lands Parkway North to Hickory Ridge Road.   
(From route 29 you will be taking Broken Lands Parkway West).
Take Broken Lands Parkway towards Hickory Ridge RD.

Turn left on Hickory Ridge (it only goes in one direction).   Take
Hickory Ridge RD past Howard Community College and right
after Sunny Spring Rd there is a Long and Fosters on your left.  
That is Hickory Ridge Plaza where Mad City is tucked next to a
chinese restaurant.  Let the Madness BEGIN!
Link to Bread for the City
Click this link to the
lyrics of Joseph Isaacs
Genie in a Bottle live full band mp3
Love is an Ocean full band mp3
Rewind mp3
What if my name Wasn't Joe mp3
Soul Hosts a fantasy novel by Joseph Isaacs

Chapter 1 The Blood Rose


Wayden’s racing footsteps echoed off the vaulted ceiling of the manor's entrance hall. He
wrenched at the pleat of his twin brother's tunic. “Come on, Mavik! Let’s play!”

Mavik shook his mane of red curls, shadows playing off his freckled cheeks. "The Source is
calling me. I need to paint."

Wayden rolled his eyes. "Mavik, you act more eighty than eight sometimes. How can you paint
anything besides clouds with your nose so stuck up in the air?"

Mavik narrowed his sky-blue eyes at Wayden.

Wayden felt the itch in his scalp that announced, Kolram, the wizard, was preparing to
communicate. Mysteriously, Wayden and Mavik both had mages inside their heads for as long as
they could remember, though neither twin had any idea of how or why this odd situation had
occurred. Kolram's voice resonated inside of Wayden's skull. “Wayden, is this truly just treatment
of your brother. You bandy words cruelly at him, for simply wanting to employ his time wisely."
Kolram was so annoying!  Wayden missed the old days when Kolram had just been a faint
buzzing in the back of his mind.

Wayden grabbed Mavik once more, as his brother attempted to turn away. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't
have said that. It's just... we never have fun anymore. What's so wrong with being happy?"
Mavik's sea-blue eyes flashed black for a moment, as if swallowed by a storm. "Wayden, I can’t
right now, okay? A vision is coming on. The Source is so strong I can taste it."

Mavik left through the oak studio door.

Wayden sighed.

Kolram thought, "Take your brother's examples and attend to your own studies."

Wayden wished Kolram had a body so he could shake it. Didn't Kolram get it? Wayden was
eight. He was a child and he wanted to play. Kolram might be handy in some ways.  Wayden had
access to Beast Tongue powers, so he could talk to dogs or horses, but it wasn't worth it. And
Kolram’s Glimpser abilities were a downright curse. Just this morning, Wayden bumped into his
tutor. He saw into her memory of kissing the old gate guard. Kolram wanted to wash his eyes out
with soap after that one.

Wayden’s thought, "I'll study later."

“Later is never here."

Wayden’s frustration exploded.  “Leave me alone, Kolram!"

The famous grandmaster of Beast Tongue’s name resonated off the vaulted ceiling. Wayden
cursed himself for saying it aloud. If the Fire Guard found out Wayden and Mavik hosted
wizards, who knew what trouble it might cause?

Read the rest of the novel by clicking here for a link to Harper Collin's Website