Joseph Isaacs
author, musician, and organizer of
the Music Matters Showcase
Four different acts take turns playing 4 song sets each and
then going back around.  Its an eclectic mix of music, all of it
wonderful.  Showcases are free,but donations to Bread for the
City for the Home are accepted.
Come hear great  free music!
(voluntary donations for homeless accepted)
Mad City Cafe             
6:30 to 9:30PM
10801 Hickory Ridge Rd.
Columbia, MD 21044

When/who is playing besides Joseph Isaacs?

March 16th Doug Alan Wilcox, 2 Ordinary
Average Guys Not from Baltimore, DL

April 20th Carlos Cysneiros, Billy J Carter,
Christopher Broholm

May 4th Dominic LaRocca, Sophie Lasher,
David Charlie

May 18th Kathy Stanely, Denee Barr,
Monica Mathern

June 15th Rob Hinkal, Sarah Pinto, Josh

July 20th Seth Mitchell, Zach Thorton, Ridge
Aug 3rd  Having Fun, Dejohn, Lyric Response
Email me at:
Mad City Coffee House
10801 Hickory Ridge Road
Columbia MD 21044
Look for the Long & Fosters- its tucked in a plaza and hard to see from the
road.  Its across from HCC.

From 95 (between Baltimore and DC) take route 32 West and then take Broken
Lands Parkway North to Hickory Ridge Road.   (From route 29 you will be
taking Broken Lands Parkway West).
Take Broken Lands Parkway towards Hickory Ridge RD.

Turn left on Hickory Ridge (it only goes in one direction).   Take Hickory Ridge
RD past Howard Community College and right after Sunny Spring Rd there is a
Long and Fosters on your left.  That is Hickory Ridge Plaza where Mad City is
tucked next to a chinese restaurant.  Let the Madness BEGIN!
Bread for the City Homeless
Click this link to my lyrics
Soul Hosts I by Joseph Isaacs is Published! Click this to check it out.
Soul Hosts on Amazon. Paper back and kindle version available

Wayden doesn’t know why he has a wizard in his mind.

Nor does he know the reason a gray-skinned man stalks him through an alleyway and then takes
employment in the orphanage where he dwells.

As Wayden struggles to find answers, a new boy arrives at the orphanage. He feels an irrational enmity
for this small, stuttering boy, based simply on him being the same race as the slaver who killed his mother
The boy, Rif, turns out to have a sorcerer in his mind as well. And while Rif is friendly, his sorcerer is not.

Also work on Soul Hosts II is well under way.
A link to a video of Grateful for the Rain
Link to a new instrumental and new song 'Why Do We Believe in